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International Links

Since 2007, the teachers at Yeading Infant and Nursery School have embedded the international element firmly into the core of our curriculum. All planning of work includes a cross curricular international link. Teachers evaluate and improve their term planning to include as many links as possible. We try to involve all members of the school community and also utilise their strengths and areas of expertise. Our teachers are from many backgrounds and aim to improve the learning experience of the pupils at all times. The teachers are always keen to bring their own experiences and cultures to participate in all areas of school life and enrich learning for all pupils. We aim to prepare our children for life as global citizens with a good understanding of global community. Teachers are always keen to involve pupils in as many activities as possible, this included borough competitions and our pupils are always well-prepared and very confident to represent the school and shine. We feel this is due to the rich curriculum and opportunities provided by the school to ensure pupils receive a rich and varied curriculum building on their prior knowledge and experiences. We have maintained our International Partners since the start of our International journey. Our partners have kept our projects going even when they have moved across the world from India to Australia.‚Äč